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President:  Becky Hughes

Newsletter editor is Beth Morton: beth@jnbmorton.com



4 Sep General Meeting & Secret Pal Reveal - Early Bird:  6:30 - Secret Pal Exchange Display
18 Sep 7:00 PM Mini Workshop - Photographing Your Art Work, with Suzan O'Connor & Becky Hughes
20 Sep 10 AM - 4 PM - Saturday Special - Introduction to Color & Design, with Maggie Gillikin & Leslie Winakur
25 Sep 7:00 PM Board Meeting - Held at the home of Leslie Winakur
2 Oct 6:30 PM Early Bird - SACG on Your E-Device with Beth Morton & Friends
10 Oct 7-9:00 PM Meet the Artist - Jacqueline Sullivan - Held at the ome of Leslie Winakur
11-12 Oct 9AM - 5 PM: Major Workshop - Lively & Luscious Layers, with Jacqueline Sullivan
16 Oct 7-9:00 PM - Mini Workshop - Working with Citrasolv, with Bonnie Davis
30 OCt Board Meeting at Leslie Winakur home.

2014 Calligraphy Conference:  http://calligraphyconference.com/

The San Antonio Calligraphers Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month.
September through June, at 7:00 p.m. (building opens at 6:00 pm) in the Family Ministry Center of Christ Episcopal Church.  501 Belknap Place (2 blocks south of Woodlawn Ave).
Visitors are welcome and may attend two meetings without paying memberships dues.

The SACG has many activities during the year:

* Mini Workshops - 2 hour long workshop, once a month
* Major Workshops - 2 to 5 days long, 3 to 5 times a year.
*Saturday Specials - 6 hour long workshops/play days, 3 to 4 times a year.
* Pot Luck Dinners - The Holiday Dinner in December and the
June Dinner (when the officers for the next year are installed).
* Spring Show & Exhibit - An exhibition and/or sale of our works of Calligraphic Art.
* Plus various other fund raisers, workshops & activities.

What Membership in SACG Affords Me
An opportunity to:

- meet regularly with other artists who enjoy the lettering arts
- sign up and take major workshops with nationally known teachers at a  reasonable fee
- sign up and take mini (2 hour) workshops taught by a Guild member or local artist, teaching a new technique, hand or craft at a nominal fee
- receive handsome monthly newsletters for ten months of the year
- receive an annual membership directory with information and calendar of events
- attend monthly meetings and programs
- occasional lectures by national calligraphic artists
- meet new friends

Purpose of SACG:

- to provide calligraphers with educational and vocational information and to stimulate public interest in and appreciation for the art of calligraphy
- to engage in charitable, literary, social and other activities, as long as they reflect the chief purpose of the Guild

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Where and When do we meet?  SACG meets once a month, the first Thursday of each month, September - June, at Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap Place, San Antonio, Texas. There is an "early bird" at 6:30 P.M., followed by a business meeting and program at 7:00 P.M.
- How much are Dues and When are they Due?  Annual dues are $24.00 and are payable April 1st to cover the annual year from July 1st through June 30th.  For persons joining the Guild after the January meeting, they will pay a pro-rata share of the annual dues for that year from the month joined through June 30th.


Flourishes, the monthly publication of the San Antonio Calligraphers' Guild, is published ten times a year, September through June. All articles and artwork must be submitted to Leslie Winakur, 707 Summer Dawn, San Antonio, TX 78258 or e-mail: lswinakur@gmail.com  
Deadline is each monthly meeting for the next issue. 
San Antonio Calligraphers Guild 1998-2014, All Rights Reserved

The San Antonio Calligraphers' Guild is a non-profit organization of persons dedicated to the purpose of sharing in the appreciation of and the education in the art of calligraphy, fostering both community and personal growth through the influence of beautiful writing. Membership is open to all who are interested in the practice and furtherance of the art and who contribute to its aims. Individual dues are $24 annually and cover the period from July 1 through June 30. 
Click here for the membership form:
Membership Form.
Other inquiries should be sent to S.A.C.G., P.O. Box 291232, San Antonio, TX 78229.


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