Author: SACG

General Meeting – May 2018

So many things happened in our General Meeting in May!

Brian Zampier did a great, and humorous retrospective of his artwork and to top it all off, he juggled too!

Can you say prolific? Below are just a few pieces of his art, and journals, shown by Brian Zampier, during his retrospective. Works also included Brian’s needle-felted alphabet and some of his sculptures made using a plasma cutter.

Paul Freeman Awards were presented as well as a Lifetime Membership Award to Leslie Winakur and Maggie Gillikin. The handmade boxes presented to them contained handmade art from the members!

Side note: Don’t forget to turn in our membership forms and dues! Fernando, our Membership Chair made it a point to “demonstrate” how he will “squeeze” the members who have not turned in their documents!



Mini Workshop – April 2018

Joan Schmitz did a fabulous lesson, teaching the Carolingian hand! Joan also taught the history of the Carolingian hand and how and why it was developed. Carolingian hand consists of only minuscule letters. It has no capital letters, so the people used what they already had, Romans or Uncials, as capital letters.

Thanks to Joan for providing all the supplies for everyone. Everyone went home with a wooden pen holder, metal nib, container of sumi ink, in addition to a folder with great handouts!


April 2018 General Meeting

During this hands-on meeting, Maggie Gillikin taught us all about the history of the pencil! She showed us the many different kinds out there and how they truly are one of the most versatile and valuable tools out there!

Drawing a tree, using layers and pencils
Introducing members to many kinds of pencils, some we had never seen before
It was a fun hands on meeting
Maggie demonstrates how to safely use a single-edged razor blade to sharpen pencils to a fine point
Maggie shows how a line of tarnished silver can be used as a drawing instrument
Such concentration! It was a fascinating, hands-on experience
Tree layers