Category: General Meetings

April 2018 General Meeting

During this hands-on meeting, Maggie Gillikin taught us all about the history of the pencil! She showed us the many different kinds out there and how they truly are one of the most versatile and valuable tools out there!

Drawing a tree, using layers and pencils
Introducing members to many kinds of pencils, some we had never seen before
It was a fun hands on meeting
Maggie demonstrates how to safely use a single-edged razor blade to sharpen pencils to a fine point
Maggie shows how a line of tarnished silver can be used as a drawing instrument
Such concentration! It was a fascinating, hands-on experience
Tree layers

March 2018 General Program

Calligrapher James Ferrell Presented his works to the group.

James Fazz Farrell and SACG Members
Original Works by James Ferrell
Original Works by James Ferrell
Original Works by James Ferrell
James sharing his personal story as a calligrapher

February 2018, General Meeting

For January’s Meeting, there was a Volume of the Saint John’s Bible on display. Monica Brooks explained the guild’s participation in the Pony Express program at the Briscoe Western Museum. President, Suzan O’Connor lead the business meeting, before the viewing of “The Illuminator”, a fascinating movie about the making of the Saint John’s Bible. Below are images of some of the books that were on display before the movie.

January General Meeting

Lively Romans, presented by Beth Morton!