We are an enthusiastic and open group dedicated to learning and sharing the art of Calligraphy. From Historic manuscripts to contemporary creations, our common bond is the love of art forms that use lettering for artistic expression. Regardless of skill level, we invite you to join us and share our passion for the art of beautiful letters.

We love to showcase the amazing artwork made by our members. Below you can scroll through submitted pieces, or click here to see more.

Roman Capital B

Roman Capital B, #1 pencil on Arches textwove; Laura Herold June 2017


Submitted by Laura Herold.

Susan by Suzan

Gouache and micron pen on Arches Text Wove paper.

Submitted by Suzan OConnor.


Sepia ink and colored pencil on craft paper.

Submitted by Suzan OConnor.

“A” is for Angel

Painted in gouache on vellum.
Not for sale.


Submitted by Rosemary Rodriquez.

“R” by Rosemary Rodriguez

Lettered on vellum with gouache, watercolor, and liquid gold accent.
Not for sale


Submitted by Rosemary Rodriguez.

General Meeting – November 2020

We will once again meet by Zoom on November 5, 2020, for our General Meeting and Program.  We’ve had such a nice time getting to see each other, despite not being able to meet in person.For this program, Leslie Winakur will present a lecture on The History of Illuminated Manuscripts.  There will be lots of eye candy, and we promise not to bore you!Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Secret of Life

Watercolor on Arches 140# watercolor paper. Style inspired by Adolf Berndt. Text from a song by James Taylor.

Submitted by Leslie Winakur.

Watercolor, walnut ink, and 24K gold

Walnut ink, watercolor, and 24K gold on Roma paper.

Submitted by Beth Morton.

Sunflower Envelope -Rachel Reed

Custom lettered and oil painted envelopes for commission. That extra class you need for pen-paling.

abz needle felted alphabet

by A. Brian Zampier…

Mini Workshop – September 2019

Students had a great time learning about & writing with the Pilot Parallel pen. All sorts of mark-making, including circular designs, to practice the strokes! The circular designs were so much fun! Maggie showed a great tip about how to keep track of the lid for the pen! Maggie used the Parallel Pen to write her monogram, as well as her name, all connected.

Da Vinci

Sumi ink and gold leaf on vellum.


Submitted by Becky Hughes.


gouache and water color on hot press