Month: April 2017

General Meeting – April 2017

Thank you Lynn for putting together a retrospective of your work! This is a huge amount of work and we’re lucky to have seen samples of your work from so many years past. You have an amazing talent and we’re lucky that you’re willing to share your talents and expertise!

See below for a few examples of Lynn’s work!

Picasso Inspiration
Various other artworks
Calligraphy Tryptic
Don Quixote Watercolor
Figures on Plates

Thoughts from the President

No calligraphy this time! Instead, I encourage everyone to take a tangent, and visit the special exhibit that is showing at San Antonio’s McNay museum. It’s called Monet to Matisse: A Century of French Moderns. The exhibit showcases sixty-five works of art from the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned collection. The paintings, drawings, and sculptures were produced by the leading artists who exemplify the various avant-garde movements that defined modern art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Yes, Monet’s Water Lilies figures prominently, but the collection also varies widely in scale, subject matter, and style. There is so much to be learned about color, composition, scale, and technique that can be applied to our own calligraphic creations. Treat yourself to the experience, then return to your desk, pick up your pen, and make something inspiring!

Happy Spring,

Suzan O’Connor