May Flourishes Cover

*Don't miss Bro. Brian Zampier's Retrospective at the May General Meeting!

Thoughts From the President

A few months back, I wrote about the origin of the word “Guild”. At the mini workshop a few days ago, I got some insight into what it actually means.

Here was our beloved teacher, Joan Schmidt, at the front of the room; talking to us about the history of the Carolingian hand. Then--with clear and confident strokes--she began to demonstrate how to make the alphabet in its classical form. It was so evident that Joan had been teaching and perfecting her calligraphy for many, many years.

At the back of the room, a young girl named Caroline watched and imitated Joan’s strokes with great concentration. It was her first time holding a calligraphy pen; her first time being around calligraphers. After completing her alphabet drill, she finished by triumphantly writing her own name in Carolingian hand. She was supported and encouraged by the group.

This, I thought, is what the spirit of “Guild” means: a group that guides the progression of a fledgling apprentice under the guidance of a recognized master. What a lovely tradition we carry on.

Happy lettering,
Suzan Sig

Recent Happenings!

March 2018 Mini Workshop - Art Dolls with Lenora Jordan

During our March Mini, Lenora Jordan taught everyone how to make fantastic little art dolls!

April 2018 General Meeting

During this hands-on meeting, Maggie Gillikin taught us all about the history of the pencil! She showed us the many different kinds out there and how they truly are one of the most versatile and valuable tools out there!
Introducing members to many kinds of pencils, some we had never seen before
Maggie shows how a line of tarnished silver can be used as a drawing instrument
Such concentration! It was a fascinating, hands-on experience
Maggie demonstrates how to safely use a single-edged razor blade to sharpen pencils to a fine point
It was a fun hands on meeting

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Calendar At-A-Glance


May 3rd

-- 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Early Bird and Program: Retrospective of Journals and Work by Bro. Brian Zampier preceded by his display beforehand.

-- Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap

May 17th

-- 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Mini Workshop: Put THAT in your Pipette! with Lynn Rothe

-- Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap


June 4th - June 8th

-- 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Major Workshop - Negative Space and Floral with Marina Soria

-- Discovery School, 222 Salem

June 7th

-- 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Summer Potluck and Display of Member's Work

-- Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap

june 21st

-- 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Mini Workshop: Lombardic Versals with Leslie Winakur

-- Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap

*It's time to renew your memberships and pay your dues for the 2018-2019 Year! To do this, please make sure to visit with Fernando Casillas, our Membership Chair, at the next meeting!

Other News!

Battered Women’s Shelter Collection at June Potluck!

We will be collecting donations for the BWS of San Antonio at the June potluck. Bring your gently used clothing, household item, dishes. The shelter is always in need of new personal items for women and children of varied sizes as well as hygiene items. Their food pantry is always accepting staple items to help families transitioning from the shelter. Bring them in to the Parish hall and set next to the double doors, large donations can be moved car-to-car during the break of after the meeting.
SACG Facebook!

The General meetings, shows, and collaborative public events will be posted as public events to the SACG Facebook page to socially share with friends and family. Members may post General Meeting, Early Bird, and Program work in the event comments. Remember to be considerate of each other’s privacy and only post the work of others or tag others with their permission. This is for all levels of skill.

To share your work from Minis, Workshops, Saturday Specials, etc. text me your SQUARE photos for the curated slideshow to be posted following the event. Include your name, ‘for Facebook’, and the event (just in case there are multiples within a week) to 210.865.2602.
Reminder: the website has a section for promoting your calligraphy business. The Facebook page is not the venue for individual promotion.

Upcoming Events!

May General Meeting - Retrospective, with Bro. Brian Zampier

You won’t want to miss this month's program presented by SACG member A. Brian Zampier. Brian is a Marianist brother, artist, and social media archivist with a unique take on the art of calligraphy. He has degrees in Advertising Design and Production, Communication Design, and Illustration. He is part of the team at the National Archives of the Marianist Province of the United States at St. Mary’s University, maintains their Facebook and Instagram accounts and is working at establishing a Marianist Creativity Center.
Brian will share his drawings, paintings, journals and a wide range of creative work. He has a passion for creativity, humor, mark making, needle felting and sketchbook journaling.

Watch for his 3-D alphabet constructed with wool roving and a felting needle which will be featured in the Winter 2018 issue Vol. 32 Number 1 of Letter Arts Review.
Voting for 2018-19 Board Members

Members will vote for new Officers and Members at Large at the May meeting. The following slate was proposed by the Nominating Committee at the March General meeting:
Proposed Officers:
President: Karen Fridlund
Vice President: Laura Herold
Secretary: Shirley Arizpe
Treasurer: Carolyn Patton
Proposed Members at Large:
Monica Brooks
Fernando Casillas
Becky Hughes
Lynn Rothe
Leslie Winakur
Nominations from the floor will also be sought at the time of the vote. Any member in good standing is eligible to place a name in nomination for these positions.
Paul Freeman Award

The results of the Paul Freeman Award voting will be announced at the May General Meeting. This award is presented annually to four members in honor of outstanding service to the Guild during the previous year. The winners get to display a select piece of framed calligraphic artwork in their homes.

It is also an honor to be nominated for this award. SACG is fortunate to have so many dedicated members who contribute so much time and talent to benefit the Guild. In recognition of that, a personalized gift will also be presented to all nominees.

May Mini Workshop - Put THAT in your Pipette!

Presented by Lynn Rothe

Come join me at the Mini Workshop and learn how to write and draw using only a pipette and a writing fluid. Let your imagination go wild, channel your inner Picasso, or anyone else you want (!) and create a piece of art that’s easy and fun.

June Major Workshop - Negative Space and Floral with Marina Soria

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 6.30.05 PM
We are very pleased to host a week long class with Marina Soria this summer. Marina is an accomplished and acclaimed fine artist and calligraphic artist, as well as a skilled and inspirational teacher of art, especially calligraphic art. We so enjoyed our weekend with her two years ago that we had to have more. So here we are, looking forward to an entire week with one of calligraphy’s most devoted teachers.

Marina has taught fine art, typography, graphic art, and calligraphy, all at the university level in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her goal is always to inspire her students to move forward in their artistic journey, no matter what the class subject. She accomplishes this by providing students with extensive historic background, graphic samples, in-class demonstrations, and a complete bibliography.
There is a basic list of supplies for most SACG workshops. Check the Calendar for additional supplies required for specific workshops. If you need help understanding something on the list, ask an established member. They'll be happy to help!

Join Us!

The San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, September through June, at 7:00PM in the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap Place. An “Early Bird” Program begins at 6:30PM followed by a business meeting and program. Membership in the Guild is open to all who are interested. The dues are $24.00 annually to cover the period from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Secondary memberships are $12.00 for each family members. Visitors are welcome and may attend two meetings before paying membership dues.