September 18 Newsletter Covoer

Thoughts From the President

Welcome back to a new year of activities in the San Antonio Calligrapher’s Guild! Your board and committee chairs met in June to plan the programs, workshops, minis and Saturday Special for the upcoming 2018-2019 calendar year. Please pick up the Calendar-at-a-Glance at the September meeting to see the programs available to you.

I would be remiss not to thank our outgoing President, Suzan O’Conner for the many contributions to the Guild over the past two years. Suzan rewrote our bylaws, increased our membership, digitized our recordkeeping and began working toward obtaining non-profit status. She and Natalie Fowler instituted a new, more user-friendly newsletter which keeps us all up to date on current activities in the Guild. Phenomenal job, Suzan!

For those of you who have not renewed your membership, I encourage you to do so at the September meeting. Fernando Cassillas, our membership chair will be on hand with membership forms to help you do so.

At the September meeting, we will be adding a new book to our library- Turkish Marbling , in memory of Betty Lou Jordan. I would like to encourage you to take advantage of our wonderful library. You can check out any book from the library before, during and after the meeting. It is a wonderful resource.

I look forward to seeing you all at the September meeting.

Karen Fridlund, President
This years Officers:
President - Karen Fridlund
Vice Presiden - Laura Herold
Secretary - Shirley Arizpe
Treasurer - Carolyn Patton
Monica Brooks
Fernando Cassillas
Becky Hughes
Lynn Rothe
Leslie Winakur

Recent Happenings!

Mini Workshop - May 2018

Put that in your Pipette! by Lynne Rothe.

Lynne demonstrated creating artwork with ink and pipettes! Everyone created such unique art at this mini!

Summer Potluck 2018

Photos from our Summer potluck!

Good food was enjoyed, we displayed envelopes from the exchange, and presented Suzan O'Connor with her president's book!
Suzan showing off the accordion-fold book opened and stretched down the table
Wonderful food enjoyed by all!
Samples from the annual envelope exchange
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June 2018 Mini Workshop Recap!

Lombardic Versals with Leslie Winakur! Leslie put on an excellent mini workshop, people were working so hard on their creations that no one wanted to leave once it was over!
Sample of a decorated versal
Leslie's Work, shown with document viewer as she worked
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*Click on any of the above titles to see more photos from the event!

Calendar At-A-Glance

September 6th
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Early Bird: Secret Pal Display and Expo
General Meeting: Secret Pal Reaveal ! !
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
September 20th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Mini Workshop: Pointed Pen Possibilites
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap

October 4th
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Early Bird: Building Signatures
General Meeting: Calligraphy and Architecture
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
October 18th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Mini Workshop: Felted Animals
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
October 19th -20th
Herweck's Annual Product Sale
300 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78205

Other News!

Our Guild member, Mary Bowman, will be teaching for beginners and anyone wanting practice in the Gothic hand for twelve weeks at ALIR this fall Mondays at one pm at 8700 Tesoro Drive in NEISD’s Learning Center, starting September 10th. tel. 210-407-0167. These are not large classes and it is a wonderful group.

In addition she is negotiating for a shorter class, 6 or 9 weeks, for beginners and anyone wanting to practice the Italic hand at the Lion’s Field Senior Center on Broadway at Mulberry starting probably in October on Wednesdays, tel. 210-207-5380.

And there is an opportunity to be tutored in calligrphy with Mary, by appointment at $25 per hour, tel. 646-288-5041. No greed here, I just love to teach and see beauty emerging in people’s calligraphic writing toward a goal of some kind.
Nancy McHugh, one the Guild’s charter members, is downsizing and wishes to dispose of her lifetime collection of inkwells, a large collection which includes inkwells from the United States and Europe. If you are interested in a lovely inkwell, please contact Nancy directly at 210 826-8901 or e-mail her daughter, Jennie Duncan at

Upcoming Events!

General Meeting - September 2018

Is it you? No, it’s her. Nope, I think it’s him! Hmm, I don’t think so.

The program, after the September 6th General Meeting, is our big

Secret Pal Art Expo & Reveal

The calligraphy and art projects are always fabulous and inspiring. It’s a night filled with fun and surprises, so come share this evening with us and watch as the Secret Pal participants find out who has been sending them goodies all summer.

See you there!
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Mini Workshop - September 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 3.35.22 PM
A pointed nib can be used for so much more than writing copperplate or Spencerian. Come to this mini and explore some of the possibilities for the pointed pen!

Supply List:
  • Either a straight or an off-set nib holder
  • your favorite pointed nibs and a Nikko G if you have one
  • Your favorite fluid - ink, watercolor, or gouache
  • a small water container
  • paper towels
Maggie will supply the paper!

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Major Workshop - November 2018

Taking a Broadside from start to finish with Maggie Gillikin and Leslie Winakur.

A broadside is a work that we hang on the wall, usually framed. The term comes from older times when advertising flyers and posters were hung on the broad side of a building. We plan to start with the germ of an idea for a piece, then progress to the development of that idea into a completely finished piece of calligraphic art. We will consider composition and design as well as appropriate forms of lettering, choosing colors, and blending the foreground and background into an integrated work of art. We’ll also consider the presentation of the finished piece, framing, etc.

This class is for all levels, brand new members and veterans alike.

Class fee: $100. Signup will begin at the September meeting.

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There is a basic list of supplies for most SACG workshops. Check the Calendar for additional supplies required for specific workshops. If you need help understanding something on the list, ask an established member. They'll be happy to help!

Join Us!

The San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, September through June, at 7:00PM in the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap Place. An “Early Bird” Program begins at 6:30PM followed by a business meeting and program. Membership in the Guild is open to all who are interested. The dues are $24.00 annually to cover the period from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Secondary memberships are $12.00 for each family members. Visitors are welcome and may attend two meetings before paying membership dues.