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This piece, entitled “Play,” was created by Lenora Jordan during a workshop with Denis Brown some years ago. It is especially meaningful to us because Lenora had a broken left arm at the time, and she was a lefty! She gamely showed up anyway, and wrote play and made very interesting marks with her right hand. And Denis was so impressed that he happily wrote the word play in the lower portion of the piece. This was quintessential Lenora!

The work is on stretched slunk vellum, over paper that also has calligraphic marks on it. Because the slunk vellum is very thin and translucent, the marks show through as background.

Thoughts From the President

What a delightful September meeting!
I think we all enjoyed seeing the wonderful artwork created by our members for their secret pals. That is what the “share table” is all about- an opportunity to share the artwork created by the members, but there are other perks as well. It is also an opportunity to receive positive constructive criticism of your own work. In addition, the work of others may inspire you in your creative endeavors. If you have unfinished projects, and we all do, it is a great time to finish them and bring them to the share table. If you are “stuck” on an unfinished project, bring it to get help from other calligraphers with ideas for finishing it. We want to encourage members to exhibit their work and this is a good place to start. We will have the share table set up at every meeting, so I strongly encourage you to participate.

Monica Brooks has booked a venue for a Calligraphy Guild exhibit at the Carver Community Cultural Center from Friday, May 3 to Thursday May 23, 2019. She also has explored two other possibilities for exhibits in 2019, but they are not yet finalized. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, be thinking about what you would like to exhibit- it is never too early to get started.
Once again, for those of you who have not renewed your membership, touch base with Fernando Cassillas, our membership chairman to do so.

I am delighted to be your President and look forward to an enjoyable, productive year. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to bring them to me or any of the board members. It is your Guild and we want to do everything we can to meet the needs of our membership.

Karen Fridlund, President

Recent Happenings!

September 2018 - Secret Pal Reveal

We started off this Guild year right! We had a huge turn out for the first meeting of the year and got the chance to see some amazing art and projects from this summer's Secret Pal Participants! Click the "Read More" link below to see more pictures!

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*Click on any of the above titles to see more photos from the event!

Calendar At-A-Glance

October 4th
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Early Bird: Building Signatures
General Meeting: Calligraphy and Architecture
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
October 18th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Mini Workshop: Felted Animals
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
October 19th -20th
Herweck's Annual Product Sale
300 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78205

November 1st
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Early Bird: Display and Discussion of Sketchbooks as Inspiration
General Meeting: Finding Inspiration in the Ordinary
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
November 10th and 11th
Major Workshop: Taking a Broadside from Start to Finish
with Maggie Gillikin and Leslie Winakur
No Mini Workshop or Board Meeting in November

Upcoming Events!

General Meeting - October 2018

Early Bird: Building Signatures with Suzan O'Connor
Program: Calligraphy and Architecture with Suzan O'Connor

Beautiful letterforms are not just on paper!

On October 4th, Suzan OConnor will give a presentation on letterforms found on buildings, monuments and public works of art from all around the world. This unique lecture will broaden your horizons on the art forms of calligraphy and architecture. There’ll be lots of inspirational images and fun discussion. Don’t miss it!
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Mini Workshop - October 2018

Felting with Brian Zampier

Warning: this is addictive!

You will be provided with a quality felting needle, a piece of 5" x 5" x 1.5" foam to work on and enough wool roving to make your own version of an "abz snowbird" suitable for Halloween or Christmas. Bring along a 12" ruler and a pair of fine scissors for fuzz trimming.

A handout will be provided if you have the need to pursue this creative endeavor any further.
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Major Workshop - November 2018

Taking a Broadside from start to finish with Maggie Gillikin and Leslie Winakur.
A broadside is a work that we hang on the wall, usually framed. The term comes from older times when advertising flyers and posters were hung on the broad side of a building. We plan to start with the germ of an idea for a piece, then progress to the development of that idea into a completely finished piece of calligraphic art. We will consider composition and design as well as appropriate forms of lettering, choosing colors, and blending the foreground and background into an integrated work of art. We’ll also consider the presentation of the finished piece, framing, etc.

This class is for all levels, brand new members and veterans alike.

Class fee: $100. Signup will begin at the September meeting. **We still have room!! For those wondering, a supply list will be sent to participants when we get closer to class time**
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There is a basic list of supplies for most SACG workshops. Check the Calendar for additional supplies required for specific workshops. If you need help understanding something on the list, ask an established member. They'll be happy to help!

Join Us!

The San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, September through June, at 7:00PM in the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap Place. An “Early Bird” Program begins at 6:30PM followed by a business meeting and program. Membership in the Guild is open to all who are interested. The dues are $24.00 annually to cover the period from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Secondary memberships are $12.00 for each family members. Visitors are welcome and may attend two meetings before paying membership dues.