April 2019 Flourishes cover
The cover art was done by Leslie Winakur. If you like what you see, join us at this month's General Meeting for a showing of "Gold Beaters"! Details below.

Thoughts From the President

The Southwest Calligraphy Conference meets annually the last weekend in January. Each year, one of its member Guilds plans and executes the administrative details of the conference. This year, 2019, it was our turn. A committee of six SACG members started planning the meeting in the summer. The committee, comprised of Leslie Winakur, Maggie Gillikin, Lynn Rothe, Fernando Casillas, Laura Herold and me, had its first meeting in August , 2018. Many other members contributed their time, talent and money to assist with printing the invitations, making nametags and gifts, planning the agenda and attending to the myriad of details which make a conference successful. Many thanks to all who contributed.

Six Guilds from Texas and Oklahoma attended. The meeting was very productive- each guild presented a synopsis of what is successful for their guild, covering topics such as workshops, programs and mini workshops which are popular, how they communicate within their guild (i.e newletters, e-mails etc), where and when they meet and other topics of general interest. All in all, it was a very informative venue for Guilds to exchange ideas.

SACG was very well represented; attendees gave the conference a very enthusiastic thumbs-up and are looking forward to attending in 2020.

Karen Fridlund

Recent Happenings

Mini Workshop - February 2019

February's mini was a mini book class with Becky!

Each person made a stitched booklet, with gorgeous end papers & covers. The books were hand-stitched together with linen thread. Each person also learned how to make a lovely envelope, to hold the book.

Becky rotated throughout the room, to give help where needed. Each booklet has several blank pages, for each person to add calligraphy and/or art later.

We had some visitors, who also seemed to enjoy making the book and envelope.

Here are some of the books and envelopes. Becky did a great job, leading us through the making of the book and envelope, step-by-step. She gave us wonderful handouts, so we can make more, on our own.

General Meeting - March 2019

March's General Meeting was a display of Oriental books, Art, and a Painting Demo with Maggie Gillikin. During the early bird, Maggie demonstrated gyotaku and showed Japanese Sendai dolls.
She demonstrated the strokes for writing Japanese, handouts and rice paper were provided for all to learn some Japanese writing. There was even a display of a Japanese fish kite!
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*Click on any of the above titles to see more photos from the event!

Calendar At-A-Glance

April 4th
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
General Meeting: Movie night!
Join us for a showing of "Gold Beaters" and "The Colourmen"
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
April 18th
The Mini Workshop for April has been canceled due to Maundy Thursday at the Church

May 2nd
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Early Bird and General Meeting:
The Adventures of Treewhispers in U.A.E.
with Pamela Paulsrud
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap
May 4-5, 2019
9 AM - 5 PM each day
Major Workshop: "Life Lines" by Pamela Paulsrud
Discovery School
May 16th
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Mini Workshop: Inchies with Bonnie Houser and Lynn Rothe
Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 510 Belknap

Upcoming Events!

General Meeting - April 2019

General Meeting: April 4, 2019 6:30-9:00pm, Parish Hall

Early Bird and Program: Movie Night; "Gold Beaters" and "The Colourmen"

Mark your calendar! April 4th is movie night. We will be viewing Goldbeaters, a fascinating look at the history and process of making gold leaf. Calligraphers and artists have been using gold leaf for centuries. If you have a piece of calligraphy with gilding, bring it for the share table.
This will be a fun evening with popcorn and movie snacks so be sure to join us.

***Remember, No Mini Workshop will occur in April***

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Major Workshop - May 2019

SACG Major Workshop: "Life Lines" by Pamela Paulsrud

When: May 4-5, 2019
Where: Discovery School
What Time: 9 AM - 5 PM each day

We are very excited to host Pamela Paulsrud for this major workshop. Pam is a well accomplished and prolific calligraphic artist whose experience is far too extensive to be listed here. She is also a warm, thoughtful, insightful instructor who gets the best out of every student. Following is her description of her Life Lines workshop.

Sign-up begins at the February General Meeting, February 7, 2019.

Cost: $135. Your check holds your space. We will not cash your check until after the class takes place. We understand that “life happens.” If you need to cancel, your check will be returned up to 2 weeks before class time. After that time, we will be unable to refund your payment unless someone else replaces you in the class.

The supply list will be distributed to the class after sign-up is complete.

Pam will also present the program on Thursday, May 2, and her lecture will be wonderful. So even if you are unable to take part in the workshop, be sure to mark the meeting date as special and not to be missed!
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Do you want to get surprises in the mail this summer? Do you want to send someone a surprise to brighten their day? How can you stay inspired, creative and in-touch with your fellow calligraphers, even though there is no meeting to energize you?
That’s simple – just sign up to be a SECRET PALand let the fun begin!! The sign-up time is going on right now. The deadline is the April 5th general meeting. If you have already received your bio & questionnaire, please complete it and return it to Lynn Rothe at the April meeting. If you are signing up at the April meeting, you have until the Mini Workshop on April 19th to turn it in.
Everyone will find out who their SECRET PAL is at the May 3rd general meeting.
And Shhhhhh…NO TELLING!!

SECRET PALis the SACG’s summer program to keep us in touch with each other, keep us inspired and our creativity amped up. During June, July and August, we make and send surprises to our SECRET PAL(anonymously – hence, the name SECRET) which can brighten their days and make them feel special. YOU will be receiving things from your SECRET PAL, too, but you won’t know who is sending to you. What fun to go to the mail box and find a treasure from a SECRETsomeone! And, sometimes, SECRET PALSare really sneaky and have things delivered.
It’s also fun to get together during the summer, with one or more of your SACG friends, and work on your SECRET PALprojects. It’s really a challenge, and LOTS of fun, to work on a surprise for a person sitting right there with you and they don’t even realize what you’re working on is for them!!! That has really happened before, no kidding. It’s a blast to see their faces in September when they realize what you did. Or, start a project and then pass it around to a couple of others to add to it and really fake out your SECRET PAL. That has really happened before, too!
The SEPTEMBERmeeting is the SECRET PAL REVEALwhen the mystery will be solved and you find out who has been sending goodies to you all summer!! Take all the treasures you’ve received over the summer to the September meeting, so they can be displayed for all to enjoy (plus take a card or small gift to thank your own SECRET PAL). Part of the fun is seeing what everyone has made and finding out about hidden talents in each of us. Many of our Mini Workshops have come from something one of us has made in SECRET PALS.
Remember, the idea is to share and have fun – no stressing out allowed!
The level of your ability is not important (honest).
Minimum required is three (3) handmade items but you are welcome to make more if you are so inspired.

Keep in mind that this summer project is to share with your fellow guild members – doing something for someone that makes them happy feels really good and it’s lots of fun!!
***** Sign up to be a SECRET PAL and get ready for the fun to start*****
Any questions or to sign up, please contact:
B.J. Grant 210 861-3743 (cell) or 210 481-7040

Other News!

Paul Freeman Awards!

It’s that time again! The Paul Freeman Awards, “ABCdarian” and the “New Spencerian” framed works,plus two other framed pieces, are presented each year to members voted by the membership as dedicated members who have contributed the most effort to benefit the Guild during the past year. Award winners may hang the framed works of art in their homes for one year.

Nominations for the 2019 awards are:
Natalie Fowler
Natalie continues to share her technical expertise with us. Because of her hard work, SACG has a beautiful and professional looking newsletter each month and an on-line presence which has brought guild information to prospective members. Through her efforts, we remain a vibrant organization.
Mary Turner
Mary and her husband Jerry and daughter Kathy are very dedicated members of the Guild. Mary always brings delicious items for us to snack on even when she has not signed up to do so. She also shares her recipes. She was the driving force behind the beautiful Iris folding station for the Valentines cards this January. She shared all of her supplies and expertise.
Denise Cavanaugh
Denise stepped up and did a beautiful job on the Parman Library exhibit. This was last minute but she made it look effortless. She also helped make beautiful wooden holders for pens and ink wells for the Southwest Conference. We are fortunate to have her as a treasured member.
Laura Herold
Laura has been in the guild for a few years and has been very active since day one. She has an optimistic attitude and always offers to help.
Beth McMahon
Beth jumped in head first as mini co-chair and now has become our secretary in an emergency. She has not been with us very long but is already a Most Valuable Member of our guild.
Lynn Rothe
Lynn is a great asset to the guild. I had several questions and she patiently answered all of my questions and made sure I understood.
Suzan OConnor
Suzan was instrumental in helping produce projects for two State Legislative Sessions in a row. These projects were very much appreciated as a good service to the community.
Leslie Winakur
Leslie gets different and talented people to do our major programs. She is very talented and knowledgeable and she always takes the time to help and explain things so that you understand.
Maggie Gillikin
Maggie is a very talented Calligrapher who does not hesitate to spend her time teaching for the guild and organizing the mini workshops. She has made my experience with the guild a very productive one.

Balloting will take place at the April SACG meeting and awards will be presented at the May SACG meeting.

Carver Cultural Center Exhibit May 3rd– May 23

Please start bringing framed works of calligraphic art to exhibit at the Carver Center. Laura Herold will be accepting these at the April General Meeting. Since we had to cancel the April mini workshop due to the Easter activities at the church, we are hoping to get as many entries as possible on the evening of Thursday, April 4th. The entry fee is $10 for one piece and $5 of each additional piece. Our President, Karen Fridlund has given permission to exhibit items that you have previously exhibited if you would like due to the short time allotted. If you cannot get your work completed and framed by April 4thyou can make special arrangements with Laura Herold or Karen Fridlund. We will work out a drop off or pick up with you before Saturday, April 27thbecause we have to get all the details ready for the installation.

The Book of Kells

The Great Medieval Manuscript, the Book of Kells, one of the great manuscripts from the medieval period has been digitized and now comes accompanied by another great resource--a free online course on the Book of Kells. Both digital initiatives
are made possible by Trinity College Dublin.

The six-week course covers the following topics:
- Where and how the manuscript was made
- The social context from which the manuscript emerged, including early medieval faith and politics
- The artistic context of the manuscript, reflecting local and international styles
- The theology and interpretations of the text
- How and why the manuscript survived
- The Book of Kells and contemporary culture
- The course "is for anyone with an interest in Ireland, medieval studies, history, art,
religion and/or popular culture.”

Sign up for the free course today.

Slate of officers for the 2019-2020 Guild Year

President – Karen Fridlund
Vice President – Laura Herold
Secretary – Beth McMahon
Treasurer – Kathy Sipe

Members at Large
Becky Hughes
Maggie Gillikin
Lynn Rothe
Leslie Winakur
BJ Grant

Nominating Committee:
Laura Herold
Leslie Winakur
Kaye Yarbrough


Our guild has lost two of our beloved members recently. We hope to continue our affection and memories of Eleanor Russell and Jill Adams by dedicating a book to our Calligraphy Library in their honor. Thank – you, Maggie Gillikin for writing the inscriptions dedicating, Medieval Women by Deirdre Jackson to Eleanor Russell and DeCollectieedited by Jan Broes to Jill Adams. Members, please check out these titles and keep Eleanor and Jill alive in your hearts.
There is a basic list of supplies for most SACG workshops. Check the Calendar for additional supplies required for specific workshops. If you need help understanding something on the list, ask an established member. They'll be happy to help!

Join Us!

The San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, September through June, at 7:00PM in the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap Place. An “Early Bird” Program begins at 6:30PM followed by a business meeting and program. Membership in the Guild is open to all who are interested. The dues are $24.00 annually to cover the period from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Secondary memberships are $12.00 for each family members. Visitors are welcome and may attend two meetings before paying membership dues.