October 2020
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Oct 2020 Newsletter Cover Art
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Thoughts From the President

Thank-you for your patience during this trying time. The Covid 19 has forced us to do things a bit differently in order to ensure everyone’s health. We are resuming our activities but have moved them to an online platform. Members in good standing will receive invites (email) to our General Meetings, Mini Workshops, and any special events that come up. We have already hosted a General Meeting and a very successful Mini. Many of our members were very complimentary about the ease of access and the unobstructed close up view of Maggie’s pointed pen! I know it is a challenge but you deserve it! Please set aside your first, second, and third Thursdays of the month to learn new calligraphy, socialize, and create with us.
Guild activities (for members only) during this this extraordinary year of Covid-19 will include:
  • General Monthly Meetings - VIA ZOOM on the first Thursday of the month. Members will be sent an invitation to join VIA email. Please log in at 6:30 for some chatting and bug fixing.
  • Mini Workshops - VIA ZOOM on the third Thursday of the month. September through June, 7:00 – 9:00 PM. Some of the minis require supplies that we will deliver to you. We will need to know at least a week in advance if you will attend these minis; please reply by email to Maggie Gillikin if there are supplies to be provided in a packet. No reply is required unless specified in the mini workshop announcement. We are waiving our fees to attend Minis but we are limiting them to members only this year.
  • Mini Show and Share – On the second Thursday of the month we will get together via Zoom and show what we have learned and created as a result of the Mini from the previous month.
  • Envelope Exchange - will take place in March, April, and May again this year. Sign up will be in February. Laura Herold will email and snail mail you the matrix.
  • Secret Pal Program – held in June, July, and August and revealed at the September General Meeting.
  • Exhibits – Please keep on creating! Soon a venue will open up and we will be able to exhibit again.
  • Awards – special recognition for our guild members.
Members, please refer to the Calendar at a Glance in your email for a list of all scheduled activities!

Laura Herold

Recent Happenings

General Meeting - September 2020

Secret Pal Reveal! Our members had a busy summer making all of these amazing Secret Pal Gifts for each other! This isn't even half the images taken of all the awesome Secret Pal gifts! Click on the "Read More" link below to see everything!
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Mini Workshop - September 2020

Maggie Gillikin showed members all the great things that can be accomplish with a pointed nib.
John Neal Bookseller has a wide variety of nibs and holders and they ship quickly for anyone who would like to order some items. Don't forget to click the "Read More" link to see all of the images from the workshop!
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*to see more images or details about any of these events, click on the titles above

--- OCTOBER 2020 ---
Oct 01 - General Meeting: VIA ZOOM
Early Bird: Log in to Zoom and say hello!, 6:30 PM
“Three ‘Arts’ to Consider: Craft, Nouveau, and Deco”
with Suzan OConnor, 7:00 PM

Oct 15 - Mini Workshop: VIA ZOOM, 7:00 PM
Art Deco and Beyond , with Leslie Winakur

--- NOVEMBER 2020 ---
Nov 05 - General Meeting: VIA ZOOM
Early Bird: Log in to ZOOM and show us your smile (6:30 PM)
Program: History of Illuminated Manuscripts
with Leslie Winakur, 7:00 PM

Nov 19 - Mini Workshop: VIA ZOOM, 7:00 PM
Making Calligraphy Tools, with Maggie Gillikin

Upcoming Events!

General Meeting - October 2020

Three Arts' to Consider: Craft, Nouveau, and Deco - with Suzan OConnor

In this program you'll learn about three major cultural and artistic movements of the 20th Century: Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. You will see each very distinctive style expressed in the fine art, architecture, decoration, and letterforms of the time. The program is not a dry history lesson, but rather it's designed to give you fresh ideas and a set of tools to apply to your own artistic expression. get inspired by looking back in time!

See the newsletter cover for examples!

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Mini Workshop - October 2020

Mini Workshop - October 2020
Art Deco Lettering and Beyond with Leslie Winakur

Mark Van Stone, a prominent calligrapher and lettering master, points out in his classes that Art Deco Lettering is the first really new lettering form to arrive since the Middle Ages.

Art Deco lettering was primarily about typography for graphic design. It was the lettering mainly of the period between the two world wars, 1901-1939, but it has lasted to present times because it was classy, modern, and sharp - very well suited to advertising art and logos in particular.

Moving Forward to the "Beyond," we arrive at the 1960's and 1970's, only 304 decades after the prime of Art Deco, and we find what is known as Psychedelic Lettering, sometimes also referred to as Grateful Dead Lettering, much of which is familiar to us from the record album cover of the times. These letter forms look to me like Art Deco forms having gone wild!

Come join us for another FREE Mini Workshop as we explore both of these letterforms. We will draw these letters, and then we can embellish them with a bit of color.

Supply List:
  • Paper - basic computer paper to start, or grid paper (8 squares per inch) if you have it. Better art paper (hot press, Arches text wove, etc.) if you prefer.
  • Pencil and a good eraser
  • Micron or similar markers in varying sizes (01 thru 08) and colors - whatever you have (don't go out and buy unless you want an excuse to get out of the house!)
  • Gel pens - again, whatever you have on hand.
  • Colored pencils - also - if you have them handy.
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There is a basic list of supplies for most SACG workshops. Check the Calendar for additional supplies required for specific workshops. If you need help understanding something on the list, ask an established member. They'll be happy to help!

Join Us!

The San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, September through June, at 7:00PM in the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap Place. An “Early Bird” Program begins at 6:30PM followed by a business meeting and program. Membership in the Guild is open to all who are interested. The dues are $24.00 annually to cover the period from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Secondary memberships are $12.00 for each family members. Visitors are welcome and may attend two meetings before paying membership dues.