Category: Artist Showcase

General Meeting – November 2020

We will once again meet by Zoom on November 5, 2020, for our General Meeting and Program.  We’ve had such a nice time getting to see each other, despite not being able to meet in person.For this program, Leslie Winakur will present a lecture on The History of Illuminated Manuscripts.  There will be lots of eye candy, and we promise not to bore you!Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Mini Workshop – September 2019

Students had a great time learning about & writing with the Pilot Parallel pen. All sorts of mark-making, including circular designs, to practice the strokes! The circular designs were so much fun! Maggie showed a great tip about how to keep track of the lid for the pen! Maggie used the Parallel Pen to write her monogram, as well as her name, all connected.