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General Meeting – November 2019

A slide of the Akim hand, developed by Hans Joachim Burgert, from Beth Morton’s presentation.
Brian Zampier’s photo of his needle-felted alphabet. (Share Table)
Beth Morton, answering questions, at her Early Bird table, before her presentation on Hans Joachim Burgert. Some members are practicing the Akim hand, at the Early Bird table.
Laura Herold’s handmade books, at the share table. These books, “Rosie Kelly style”, were made in a class with Maggie Gillikin and Leslie Winakur. Also at the share table, Suzan O’Connor shares this piece that she owns.

2019 Calligraphy Exchange

Our Annual Calligraphy Exchange took place on August 8 and was very well attended. We had plenty of time to visit and catch up toward the end of this long, hot summer.  There was lots of eye candy, including some felted art by Brian Zampier and some hand made books by Deborah Hartigan, some lovely papers made by Bonnie Davis, and, of course, the great selection of supplies and papers brought by Herweck’s, thanks to Dina and An.  Several Secret Pal gifts were delivered.  Laura Herold brought her button maker and everyone who wanted to had an opportunity to make a button of their own – great hands on fun!  Memberships were renewed (that’s a hint to anyone who has not yet done so).  The Amity Parks workshop filled up (but there is a waiting list if you are still interested). And a wonderful time was had by all!