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Mini Workshop – March 2019

Beth was our excellent instructor. Here, she shows one of the three ways the book can be opened and displayed. Student covered the equilateral triangle book covers with their decorative paper. We found out that 3-cornered covers are harder than 4-cornered book covers! Everyone did a great job covering their triangle books. Students had to fold a long strip of paper very carefully, for it to fit in the triangle covers. With proper folding technique, the book can be opened 3 different ways, which Beth was able to demonstrate for everyone!

Below are some pictures from the mini and some examples of the students’ work!


Mini Workshop – February 2019

February’s mini was a mini book class with Becky!

Each person made a stitched booklet, with gorgeous end papers & covers. The books were hand-stitched together with linen thread. Each person also learned how to make a lovely envelope, to hold the book.

Becky rotated throughout the room, to give help where needed. Each booklet has several blank pages, for each person to add calligraphy and/or art later.

We had some visitors, who also seemed to enjoy making the book and envelope.

Here are some of the books and envelopes. Becky did a great job, leading us through the making of the book and envelope, step-by-step. She gave us wonderful handouts, so we can make more, on our own.