What supplies do I need to get started in Calligraphy?

When you’re just getting started in calligraphy, it can be overwhelming to consider what supplies are needed. There are so many different types of inks, nibs, holders, paper, etc. that without guidance, it’s not apparent what you need or what you don’t. The answer is to consult more experienced calligraphers for their opinions on what works and what doesn’t. Then try those products out and find what works best for you. The Guild has hundreds of collective years of experience and research on many different products. Here’s a list that we consider the basics:

  • Six-well rectangular plastic mixing tray
  • Double-ended nib holder
  • Nikko G nib [or other fine-pointed nib]
  • “B” Series nib [or other pointed nib]
  • Mitchell #4 nib [or other broad-edge nib]
  • Gum Arabic (a small bottle or the powdered type for mixing. Windsor Newton is a good brand)
  • Tube of Windsor Newton brand gouache. Color: Ivory Black
  • Small paint brush for mixing gouache and distilled water
  • Small plastic drop bottle or an eye dropper
  • A bottle of distilled water
  • Sheets of good quality, acid-free paper for practicing
  • Pencil
  • 12” -18” metal ruler

You should know that most of these items are available to you in a new member packet. It’s yours just by joining the Guild.