October 2017 Major Workshop – Ken Harris

In October, a major workshop entitled “Traditional Raised and Burnished Gesso Gilding” was presented by noted calligrapher and artist, Ken Harris. Ken demonstrated the mixing and application of white lead gesso using recipes and techniques that date back to the middle ages. Under Ken’s guidance, students then produced amazing projects of their own design applying gesso and 24k gold leaf.

The mixing of white lead gesso. The recipe is 900 years old, just as the monks did it
Student work
More of Ken’s Work
Student work, color will be added
Another gorgeous A, student work
This lettering was done with a ruling pen on papyrus. Gilded Harris by Ken
A letter made with a ruling pen. The negative space will be gilded. Done by Ken
Letter L. Student Work
More of Ken’s gilding, calligraphy and painting
Mixing the tablets of gesso, to be used in the process of medieval gilding
The gesso base is on the paper, but the 24k gold leaf has not been laid yet. Student Work
Gilded and painted letter A. Student Work
Ken working
A Table of very hard working students, using a feather quill to put on the liquid gesso, to lay the gold on
Preliminary work on the student’s A
More students working hard