The Exhibit Program is designed to showcase members’ finished work outside the Guild. The program offers an opportunity for partnership and education to the public, since most have never seen calligraphic artwork. It also provides an opportunity for members to publicize and/or sell their work with very little cost to themselves. Typically, the Guild holds two exhibits a year, each with an artists’ reception with on opening day.

Central Library Exhibit
2017 Cen Library Exhibit Leslie and Rosemary share calligraphy with the public
2017 Cen Library Exhibit Members Kimberly Hartzog and Kyla Ryan
Carlos Haun and Rosemary Rodriguez addressing envelopes at Briscoe 2016
2017 Exhibit Briscoe Monica Brooks
2017 Exhibit Briscoe Lynn Rothe
2017 Exhibit Briscoe Leslie Winakur addressing envelopes
2017 Exhibit Briscoe 3 and Denise Cavanaugh


  • Eligibility: Membership in good standing.
  • Entry Restrictions:   All entries in the Annual Exhibit(s) must be original work that has never been exhibited previously in a Guild exhibit. We will accept traditional and nontraditional lettering, calligraphy, type design, letter carving, graphic design, book art and fine art that employ hand lettering or calligraphic marks as a major visual element.
  • Specifications: Each piece must be ready to hang, preferably with wire and any special accessories needed for hanging securely attached. Pieces 20” by 24” or larger require Plexiglas instead of glass.  Each piece must be carefully wrapped with the member’s name and title of the piece in large letters on the wrapping. The member will complete two Exhibit Entry forms for each entry.  One form will be placed on the back of each entry and the other will be kept by the Exhibit Chairperson.
  • Exhibit Entry Fees: Ten dollars ($10) for one entry; five dollars ($5) for each additional piece.   Members may submit up to five pieces, but only three are guaranteed to be hung.  A member’s fourth and fifth pieces may be hung on a space-available basis at the discretion of the Exhibit Chairperson and committee. The pieces should be numbered one through five in order of preference for inclusion in the show, with number one being first choice, two the second, and so on.
  • Sales: All sales are transacted directly between the calligrapher and the buyer unless otherwise specified. All pieces must remain on display for the duration of the show.
  • Delivery and Pick-up: Delivery and pick-up of pieces must be accomplished in accordance with the instructions provided by the Exhibit Chairperson for specific shows.  Members must submit entries prior to the day of exhibit set-up.