The Workshop Scholarship program enables qualifying members to confidentially attend major workshops at a 50% of the regular cost. Funds are typically available for two participants per workshop.

A request for workshop scholarship may be considered only after a person has paid two years of membership dues. Any given member may receive one scholarship every two years; no more frequently.

Here’s how it works: The applicant should contact the Scholarship Chair directly at the time the workshop is announced. The Scholarship Chair will determine eligibility and availability of funds. Once scholarship is awarded, the applicant will be asked to write a check for the entire cost of the workshop. The Scholarship Chair will then inform the Treasurer that a scholarship has been awarded without revealing the recipient’s name. The Treasurer will provide cash to the Scholarship Chair, who will then reimburse the recipient.

Background note: This program is in memory of member Denise Adler, who passed away from cancer. She was a very kind and generous person who often paid dues or a workshop fee for someone who didn’t have the funds. At the time of her death, her husband sold her supplies and donated the proceeds to the Guild. We continue this tradition of sharing in her honor.